Enara Bio to present progress of research on novel, cancer-specific, MR1-restricted TCRs at upcoming TCR-based Therapies Summit

Enara Bio to present progress of research on novel, cancer-specific, MR1-restricted TCRs at upcoming TCR-based Therapies Summit

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Oxford and London, UK – 09 June 2021. Enara Bio, a biotechnology company leveraging its proprietary T-cell/T-cell receptor (TCR) and Dark Antigen™ discovery platforms to deliver targeted cancer immunotherapies, will present at the 2
nd TCR-based Therapies Summit on 9 June.

At this event, Dr. Rachel Abbott, Head of TCR Pipeline and Dark Antigen Research at Enara Bio, will present a talk entitled “Overcoming Challenges of Classical TCR Targets with Novel, MR1 Cancer-Specific TCRs.”

MR1 is an unconventional HLA-like target that appears to present cancer-specific, metabolite ligands to the immune system. Enara Bio are developing TCRs that target MR1 and selectively kill multiple different human cancer types while remaining inert to non-cancerous cells (Crowther, M.D., et al. Nat Immunol, 2020).

In her presentation, Dr. Abbott will provide an overview of the advances and potential benefits of TCR-based therapies, together with the challenges associated with traditional TCR targets. She will introduce MR1 as a novel target and outline the potential of MR1-restricted TCR-T cells to treat a broad range of cancer patients independent of tumor type and HLA-type. Dr. Abbott will also present early pre-clinical data for Enara Bio’s lead autologous MR1-targeted TCR-T cell therapy ENA-0001, which the Company is advancing to first in human trials.

The presentation will take place on 9 June at 09:30 EST. For more details please visit

TCR-based Therapies Summit 2021 – Solid Tumor T Cell Therapy (tcr-therapies-summit.com).

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Enara Bio (formerly Ervaxx) is a science-led company targeting the T-cell/cancer-cell interface (the “immune synapse”) to develop new targeted cancer immunotherapies designed to treat a broad patient population. Enara Bio is exploring the hidden depths of cancer and T-cell biology to discover and characterize novel immunotherapy targets, such as Dark Antigens™ and MR1-presented ligands. We are pioneering approaches to exploit these targets with TCR-directed T-cell immunotherapy and therapeutic vaccines. To achieve our mission, we are leveraging our differentiated Dark Antigen™ and TCR discovery platforms that integrate bioinformatics, immunopeptidomics, metabolomics and immunology in our Oxford, UK-based research lab. Enara Bio is backed by leading life science investors, including SV Health Investors. We have partnerships with world-class academic institutions, including the Francis Crick Institute, Cardiff University, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the University of Oxford, to help drive the leading edge of these new areas of science.

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