About us

Our name Enara Bio™ is derived from an Arabic word meaning illumination, enlightenment and bringing light into the darkness.

We are the leaders in exploring the hidden depths of cancer and T-cell biology to discover and characterize Dark Antigens™, a novel class of shared immunotherapy targets that arise from altered cellular processes in cancer cells. We believe that Dark Antigens have the core attributes that will enable cancer immunotherapies to improve treatment outcomes for broad patient populations.

Enara Bio is backed by prominent life science investors, including RA Capital, Samsara Biocapital and SV Health Investors. We collaborate with world-leading companies and academic institutions, such as Boehringer Ingelheim and the Francis Crick Institute, to help drive our differentiated science-led approach.

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Leadership Team

Andrew Fadden
Chief Business Officer
Kevin Pojasek
President and Chief Executive Officer
David Watson
Chief Operating Officer
Sophie Papa
Chief Medical Officer and Head of Translational Science
Joseph Dukes
Chief Scientific Officer

Board of Directors

Scientific Advisory Board

Charles Dunn

Board Observer

Charles is a Principal in the SV biotech team. He helps form and fund companies developing transformational new medicines, with a broad focus from new company creation to later stage public and private opportunities. Charles serves as a Board Director at Imbria Pharmaceuticals and Mestag Therapeutics, which he also helped incubate and launch. He is also Board Observer at Autifony Therapeutics, Enara Bio, and Pulmocide.

Prior to joining SV, Charles qualified as an ACA after three years at Deloitte, with a focus on Life Sciences clients including SV portfolio companies and has an academic background in human genetics & molecular biology (UCL).